LMRS currently offer the following services:

  • Land and Vegetation Management
  • Quality and Environmental Management Systems
  • Rehabilitation/Revegetation Design and Implementation – Completed Projects
  • Rehabilitation Design – Completed Projects
  • Rehabilitation Trials – Completed Projects
  • Contaminated Site Remediation – Completed Projects
  • Landfill Rehabilitation – Completed Projects
  • Wetland Development – Completed Projects

Land and Vegetation Management

In recent times, we have become increasingly involved with land and vegetation management. From 1998 until 2003 LMRS was a principal contractor for the management of roadsides under the Tasmanian Southern Long-term Road Maintenance Contract 662 for CSR Emoleum. The contract covered over 1200 km (approx. 1000 ha of roadsides) of the state road network and National Highway with LMRS managing;

  • Mowing implementation
  • Weed management and control,
  • Landscape maintenance and implementation,
  • Rare flora and fauna site management,
  • Archaeological site management,
  • General vegetation control and
  • Roadside tree and shrub assessment and maintenance.

In addition, LMRS also had an environmental management role in Contract 662 for CSR Emoleum including the development and implementation of;

  • Roadside management prescriptions,
  • Weed control indices,
  • Landscape condition audits,
  • Roadside tree condition audits,
  • Intervention level revision,
  • Mowing table revision and
  • Erosion, sediment control and rehabilitation.

We also developed and implemented similar roadside management procedures and prescriptions for CSR Emoleum contracts in Western Australia. Two LMRS employees worked in WA in order to manage 3700 km of roadsides, in South Perth Metropolitan (400 km) and Geraldton (3300 km). LMRS was also involved with the provision of technical advice on vegetation maintenance and management for electricity distribution systems to MMA, throughout Australia. LMRS was also responsible for vegetation management for the ‘Provision of Vegetation Management Services’ through MMA’s contract with Aurora Energy. The six year project involved the provision of long term vegetation management strategies for the 25,000 km Aurora electricity distribution network throughout Tasmania. The project required the development of a number of vegetation management systems and strategies including:

  • A Vegetation Management Information System,
  • A Vegetation Management Index and
  • A Vegetation Condition Survey.

These systems are aimed at a transition from a ‘Schedule of Rates Contract’ to a ‘Performance Based Contract’.

Rehabilitation/Revegetation Design and Implementation

  • General
  • Quarry Rehabilitation


2005: Rehabilitation and revegetation of several kilometres of gas pipeline easement within the State Road Network (Brighton and Launceston, Tasmania)

Track Closure (Private Client)
2005: Rehabilitation and revegetation of 4WD/motorbike tracks on private bush reserve, Tranmere, Hobart.

Clarence City Council
2004-2006: Rehabilitation and revegetation specifications and implementation for the CCC ‘Waste-Water Re-Use Pipeline’

Hydro Tasmania – Poatina Power Station Surge Dam
2005: Rehab/reveg design and implementation following dam construction

Parks and Wildlife Service (DTPHA)
2004-2005: Rehabilitation of over 42km of fire trails within the Arthur Pieman Conservation Area and Tikkawoppa Plateau Regional Reserve, West Coast.

Tunnel Erosion Remediation
2004: remediation guidelines for several tunnel erosion occurrences (Gunners Quoin & Honeywood Drive – Brighton; Petcheys Bay)

1999-2001: Savage River mine township and surrounds.

Mineral Resources Tasmania
2001-02: Merrywood Coal Mine.
1997-99: Rossarden Mine Site.

Hydro Electric Corporation
1997: Historic disturbances at Strathgordon and Scotts Peak, including World Heritage Areas.
1997: Historic disposal and pipe manufacturing sites at Poatina.
1997: Revegetation works at Arthur’s Lake Wilburville.
1995: Rehabilitation works on the Mueller Road roadsides
1994-96: Decommissioning and rehabilitation of the Poatina Works Depot and the Tarraleah Works Depot.
1993-94: Clean-up at the Anthony Power Development and the St Leonards Works Depot. 1992-93: King River Power Development, Anthony Power Development and the Strahan to Queenstown Feeder Line Easement.

2005: rehabilitation of illegally disturbed rare and threatened species populations at Brighton
2004-05: rehabilitation of illegally disturbed rare and threatened species populations on Shark Road, Midway Point.
1996-97: High altitude rehabilitation following the construction of the Mt Wellington Broadcasting Tower.
1993-95: Rehabilitation works on optical fibre cable lines.

1993-99 (On-going): RGC Renison Bell mine site, including preparation of close-out model, rehabilitation specifications and on-going site rehabilitation.

Hobart Regional Water Board
1994-99: Easement rehabilitation.

1993: Exploration track closure at Garfield River.

King Island Scheelite
1992-97: Revegetation and on-going maintenance of rehabilitation works.

1991: CRA Zeehan mining leases. Western Metals 1990-1999: Hellyer, Que and Luina Mine sites and tailings deposits.

Quarry Rehabilitation

1999-2006: Turners Quarry – Bruny Island, Spikey Bridge, Black Bridge, Brandy Bottom,
Paradise Gorge, Tinderbox, Red Hill, Great Lake (various) quarries.

Department of Defence
1998: Stony Head Facility.

1991-present: Mornington Quarry.
1991-1995: Oyster Cove Clay Pit.

1991: Glover’s Bluff and North Lune Quartzite Pits.

1990-present: Flagstaff Gully Quarry.

Hydro Electric Corporation
1992-97: Several construction quarries.

King Island Scheelite
1992-94: Borrow pits.

Department of Transport
1995-96: Quarries associated with the West Coast Link Road.

Roadside Rehabilitation Planning and Implementation

Department of Transport
2005-06: Conduct roadside degradation document review and site inspection for over 100
degraded roadside sites. Devise a prioritised ranking system, remediation guidelines and
1999-00: Murphy’s Flat Roadside batters.
1998: Habitat preservation works at Longford.
1997: Three sites along the National Highway at Ulverstone, South Esk and Epping Forest.
1995-96: West Coast Link Road roadsides and quarries.
1995-96: Bridport Main Road Roadsides.
1992-94: Guildford-Hampshire Development Road roadsides.
1991-1994: Cradle Mountain Link Road roadsides.

Hydro Electric Corporation
1992-93: Mueller Road Roadsides (WHA).