Ian Miller

Ian has worked with LMRS for the past nine years as a field supervisor for vegetation management and rehabilitation works, including contractor management. Ian has an unequalled knowledge of machinery and its capacity and suitability for all aspects of vegetation management and rehabilitation, often developing equipment for specific requirements.

Ian holds a Chemical User Certificate of Competency, has completed Chainsaw User competency training and has attained certification in Traffic Management Level 3, Public Relations, First Aid and Hydrocarbon Management.

Alan Jackson

Alan is the Field Co-ordinator for environmental management projects undertaken by LMRS – co-ordinating, programming and supervising the majority of works conducted. For the Duke Energy International contract, Tasmanian Natural Gas Pipeline, he was responsible for organisation and implementation of revegetation of the pipeline easement through some 400 km (1200 ha) of farmland and native bush in the north and south of the state.

Alan’s work with the Basslink Project involved field weed surveys and their associated management strategies for both the Victorian and Tasmanian land sections. He regularly employs the use of GPS and GIS hardware/software to provide accurate mapping for the various weed, erosion and vegetation management strategies prepared by LMRS. Alan’s work also includes the revegetation of decommissioned quarry sites and roadsides for the Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources.

Alan completed a BSc (Botany major) in 2001 from the University of Tasmania and holds certification/training in the areas of Traffic Management (level 4 – auditor), ArcView GIS, First Aid, Chainsaw, Chemical Use, Sediment and Erosion Control and Hazardous Tree Assessment.

Kevin Leeson

Kevin has previously worked as a mechanical tradesperson (fitter & machinist with several post-trade qualifications) before undertaking studies at the University of Tasmania. He is one of the first graduates to complete the special BSc program with honours in ‘Natural Environment & Wilderness Management’. His undergraduate studies were undertaken at the University of Tasmania and partially at the University of Victoria, BC, Canada.

Kevin has recently worked as a consultant for the Spring Bay Council (vegetation mapping and identification of poorly reserved community types) and for Zinifex Rosebery Mine (review of past rehabilitation activities and high elevation rehabilitation strategy report). He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Tasmania researching the effects of native plant re-colonisation after disturbance in Tasmania.

Kevin’s work with LMRS has centred on the preparation of the ‘Interim Revegetation Strategy Report’ as a part of the Hercules Mine Site Rehabilitation Plan. Kevin has an extensive knowledge of the Tasmanian flora and fauna, and the processes and systems in which they interact.